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tv   11 News at 5  NBC  February 6, 2012 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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not much action otherwise as the family is escorted. hugley will face a jury of his peers who will decide if he's responsibile for his girlfriend's death. she thought love as having an alcohol overdose. day one was strictly devoted to jury selection. of the jurors to be questioned, the commonweath will cut the field to 25.
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12 with three alternates. the attorneys polled jurors. if they had problems looking at photos and if they had formed an opiniion, both families left with no comment as the judge issued a gag order. only nine of 27 were chosen. each will get to have a jury of 12. the judge is extending
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court hours and will join a half hour earlier. we are live in virginia. >> our timeline details ev ents and a special coverage section. some breaking news now. >> we are in east baltimore. we are -- on the scene of a shooting. the victim is in cardiac arrest. reporting live in skyteam 11. >> the author of those robocalls artued the criminal
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case should be thrown out. he is accused of violating election law and failing to identify the source. the election -- the charges were unconstitutional, he argued. >> we basically -- the state amde a mistake. >> hinson will be back in court tomorrow. he will be sentenced next week. >> a teenage girl was abducted and assaulted. we have talked with
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investigators. >> polic3e had little to go on and they hope the public will help. on january 18, police say a 16- year-old was walking and one of the men in a vehicle yelled something. she ignored him. she was pulled into the back seat and was sexually assaulted. they did not see or hear anything and say the crime is otu of character. >> there is enough traffic
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where someone would have seen her. >> that is unusual and out of character? >> it is. the girl was not walking home. she was wearing jeans and a coat and gloves. the men dropped her in the same area. >> we are askign the puoblic to contact the police department. >> police agree this is out of character. give the police a call oryou can call crimestopper.
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>> a man is accused of shooting a man and leaving him for dead. police say he shot norris conley multiple times. detectives claim he is held at central booking. >> two young men and their father are dead. a strange twist that began when their mother vanished two years ago. firefighters sift through the rubble. >> it was a gas boom. the house wen tup in flames.
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they blocked the social worker from entering. fire raged through the home. fore josh sent a goodbye."i'm sorry, police labeled him as person in of interest. he was locked in a custody battle. police discovered thousands of pornographic images on his computer. susan's parents released a statement.
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let's not dress it up. call it what it is, deeply wrong, something evil. >> a bitter end to a two a year year ordeal. investigators will continue the case. >> it is a sunny and mild day and a mild winter. satellite shows some high and thin clouds. temperatures in the lower
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levels. maybe light snow. more details on the weather. >> president obama shut down the syrian embassy. >> the syran government stepped up its attacks. 5000 syrians have died.
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>> we are pursuing a variety of means. >> president obama said he use not wantot o to force. not believe this is about suspected nuclear sites. the poll finds 56 ^ of
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americans trust obama. up to how many people will be out of work and when they will need new jobs? >> a trapped worker's rescue. we will have details. >> the gas
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>> well, and s&p 500 company has announced layoffs, closing in west baltimore. that means 79 people will lose their jobs. the layoffs will take place, we are told, beginning april 1, but the security monitoring functions at the facility will now be performed out of state. the closure does not impact operations at the company headquarters in towson. a rough morning in the curtis bay.
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a team had to be called in this morning to help free a worker who somehow hurt his leg. officials say the initial challenge was to gain access and then remove the victims from the barge. others were able to get them out. >> in tonight's medical alert, more attention being brought to concussions, certainly to the front and center, on every level of the game, kids and prose. during yesterday's big game, you may have noticed a special chance iraq to monitor every hit. -- a special chin strap. experts who treat young athletes say that concussion information has to be passed down. >> it is a serious injury that
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needs to be treated seriously. >> the chin strap did not appear to note any serious injuries. and researchers say that sending more at the desk every day could increase more than just your waist line. it could be an overlooked risk factor for cancer. is sitting in the new cancer prove that is tonight's women's doctor. >> never been one to sit around much, she was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2008. she had surgery, chemotherapy, and radiation. >> i was trading. i did the iron girl, and then i did it one year later. -- i was training. >> one oncologist says that while previous research shows that exercise helps to prevent cancer, this study says --
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>> if you are sitting at a desk all year long, it is probably worse for your cancer risk than getting up and having bursts of activity. >> so if you exercise a lot throughout the day, does that mean you can smoke? >> no. i am glad you pointed that out. that is not a trade-off. >> she just signed up for the iron man, fla., and activity is part of her life. all of this exercise, do you think it made a difference in how you did? >> i think exercise and diet can be almost the same as chemotherapy, but it gave me a goal every day. >> new estimates link physical inactivity to cases of breast cancer every year and cases of colon cancer in the united states alone. it is not just about spending more time at the gymnasium but
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about spending less time at your desk sitting. >> breaking news right now. a head on collision. it is tying up traffic right now. we go to roy taylor in skyteam 11. >> they are leaving. this accident at route 1 and bellaire road. they pretty much shut down traffic while the deal with this. looking at one lane getting through. right now, is pretty much shut down northbound and southbound. reporting live for skyteam 11, i am captain roy taylor. >> and now, you're in-store the forecast with meteorologist tom tasselmyer. >> it looks like winter from time to time. temperatures warm, well above normal again. 53 degrees at bwi marshall. this is the six the day of
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february. we ended up much normal. 16 inches came up on this day in 2010. the first of two big storms that rolled in. 16 inches on the sixth. just two years ago today. sunny and mild weather. 54 at the inner harbor. temperatures are above normal in southern pennsylvania, and heading back into the hills, 41 at frostburg. in west virginia, 48 degrees. in the mid 40's down to a ocean city. clear skies except for a little disturbance. the atmosphere is really dry, so other than a patch of cloudiness around midnight, when o'clock a.m., that should go by pretty much unnoticed.
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mostly clear, we will call it. 35 downtown. the sense that this evening -- the sunset this evening at 5:32. a front coming by tomorrow evening. there is a little taste of winter mid-week. the waves are averaging about 1 foot, with the temperatures and below 40's. and there might be a light coating of some snow, highs only in the 30's. raymore snow showers across the eastern shore on wednesday. mid to upper 50's, then turning colder with a mixed bag. there you see the clear skies. a little weather disturbance by midnight tonight.
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it will be gone. down towards the western tip of cuba, they thought there could be a wintertime tropical storm. it is still generating storms across florida. what we are watching is this front that is coming through. this area of a pressure will then track along the front, and that brings us a chance for a little snow. this is clouding of tomorrow night, into wednesday morning. this could be mixed with rain south of baltimore. we are not talking a major storm like a couple of years ago, but we are talking about maybe 1 inch or so across the northern tier and into southern pennsylvania. not much chance of any significant accumulation. the 7-day forecast, 53 tomorrow. light snow on wednesday. near 50 by friday. a burst of cold air comes in with a chance for showers on
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saturday and sunday. >> still ahead tonight, it seems impossible, but somebody actually upstaged madonna during the super bowl. [ female announcer ] with swiffer wetjet,
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is without equal. begin your legacy, get an auto insurance quote. usaa. we know what it means to serve. lexus superbowl giants returned home after capturing the fourth super bowl championship with a 21-17 victory over the patriots. the plane touched down before 2:00 p.m. this afternoon. a big parade set for tomorrow. besides the game a lot of talk today about the figure malfunctioned during the halftime show. the figure that worked too well. m.i.a. made the gesture during the song. there's a lot of finger-pointing going on. nbc is apologizing. the nfl hired the talent and produced the show. the nfl said it is referring to a failure in the delay system for the finger making the airwaves.
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>> i missed that. >> a lot of people dead. the super bowl has set a record for the most watched tv show in u.s. history. >> little over 111 million people watched and half a million more than last year. many watching for the commercials. we will see who won the competition. >> from flying babies to ra monkeys. the theme was animals and animal attraction. >> it is a good thing if you can engage in entertain. >> there was still a game going on. >> after the confetti fell and the stand was clear there was one final score that needed to be settled. what was the best super bowl ad?
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jonathan friedman was a big winner. his homemade during those ad turned a $20 investment into a million dollars first prize. >> the $20 was a few bags of dried as and dog treats and a few props. >> the swing baby at could mean a million bucks. it leads online facebook voting for the best super bowl spot thanks to the start. >> it comes down to the great baby. we felt it on a green screen in the backyard. quex from the backyard to the big screen. a lot of advertisers launch previous four full rounds earlier online. >> you want people commenting and people putting. >> even if they act like they do not want that attention. >> you are still here? you have anything better to do? go get going.
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>> the mixed reviews. a number of people like the clinton eastwood commercial for chrysler. the others, the cat eating dog. >> he did not have to watch because he saw them on the "today" show last week. you can see more on >> there were a lot of the commercials this year. >> get ready for another round of pain at the pump. >> some predicting a spike in may. we will have more on that strain had. >> this is anne arundel county's newest medical clinic for people to do not have medical insurance.
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>> with dan stovall, donna hamilton, your insta-weatherplus forecast with tom tasselmyer. 11 is at 5:00 p.m. in hd continues now. >> as gov. martin o'malley and lawmakers debate the merits of the new gas tax, a dire prediction of how high these prices could go. try 60 cents or more per gallon by may. that is not related to any tax. >> 60 cents more? analysts say gas prices should peak at $4.50 a gallon but markets could go higher.
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if you have been paying attention you know you are seeing an increase are here. we have more on the story. i am thinking i am seeing rushing things.mah >> usually this time of year gas prices generally go down. that is not the case this year. gas prices went up 5 cents. you already know. gas prices are high. and continue to go higher. >> it is outrageous. what you do? how can you knock -- not by guestworker karr? >> i do not know what to do. >> i have to get my kids and go to work. what can i do? >> it is a shame what is going on.
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what are you going to do? >> the price of a gallon of gas nationally is 36 cents higher than it was a year ago. and in maryland -- >> the gas prices up from a year ago. you are over $3 a gallon. now we're at $3.52 and it has gone up a nickel from a week ago. >> gas is too high. super rite. people are struggling trying to make it. -- super height. >> as people are struggling many feel the situation is hopeless. >> it fluctuates almost every day. it is a couple of cents to the gallon it adds up. >> they are hurting us a lot. there is no excuse. >> they could hit $4 a gallon by springtime when refinery switchover and demand starts to
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peak and people hit the roads in the warmer weather. >> nationwide in the past week on average, gas prices increased after -- at 10 cents. >> we have been tracking the trends in higher gas prices on you can see how gas prices compare from thanksgiving to today by clicking on project economy. >> jury selection is underway in the trial of the lacrosse player accused of killing yeardly love. she was found dead inside her apartment in may 2010. she was -- died accidentally. 12 jurors and three alternates will be selected from a pool of 160 people. a man who admits he is behind the 2010 election day robocalls
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is asking a judge to dismiss the criminal case against him. the charges unconstitutional. he will be sentenced next week. the former employee of an anne arundel dennis will have to prison for the rest of her life after pleading guilty to his murder. chante hickman pled today. she worked with donte jeter to carry out the killing. suggesting robbery and murder might have been a motive. you will want to avoid the area of bel-air and forge road. northbound bel-air is backed up for a mile.
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county police are calling 1 laden by at a time to let people get through. no word on how many people are involved in the accident or their conditions. >> people have a new place to turn for medical care. the house of hope open their health clinic to the general public. >> rodney fischer has been coming to the new medical clinic for its -- his care for the past several months. >> 13 treatment, may be physical. to check on certain things that men need to keep up with their health. >> he gets his medical treatment for free. the clinic is designed for people who live 200% or more behind me poverty level. >> more are falling into that poverty level. the goal is to help people maintain their personal help --
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health and so they're able to work can provide for their families. >> the staff are primary care physicians, treating things like high blood pressure, did -- diabetes, and common ailments. the care is top notch. >> the help the community tremendously. a lot of people that can i get medical insurance -- cannot get medical insurance for diabetes and high blood pressure, they do a wonderful job. people are here the matter with the problem is. >> in november the clinic moved into its onset -- its own expanded facility and open their doors to the general public last week. >> all of the health-care providers are volunteer positions and nurses. the clinic will continue to grow. the more providers we have come on board, the more hours will --
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we will be able to offer. >> they clinic is open 10 days a month so they hope to expand their services in the future. >> you can reach that clinic by calling 410-863-408. we have all linked to the -- a link to the clinic at >> one of the names may be familiar to you. >> a deadly earthquake rocked the philippines. perhaps a guilty plea from a woman who in -- admitted being involved in her boss' murder. a live report at 6:00 p.m. ♪
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>> one of the 19 americans facing trial in egypt is the son of
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u.s. transportation secretary ray lahood. sam looked good and five other americans remain in egypt in the case over foreign funding for program democracy activities. the case has soured relations. officials say the government cannot interfere with the work of the judiciary. >> we're waiting to hear whether the disgraced crew ship captain of the -- will remain under house arrest. his lawyers say he poses no threat to the investigation and will not escape. prosecutors say he may tamper with evidence. their ship capsized off the coast of custom-made -- off the coast. at least 13 people were killed.
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the quake triggered more than 40 aftershocks forcing officials to see -- closed schools and businesses. people are staying out in the streets afraid of the aftershocks that will collapse more buildings. an alert has been lifted. the quake was felt 70 miles away from its epicenter. do you prefer tagalongs? >> the troops are changing which with a salad and it will make it easier to get your cookies. >> why the population has taken a nosedive. >> the temperatures are mild but there is winter weather. details ahead. 51 degrees right now. 51 degrees right now.
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>> it afternoon. selection is underway. more on today's proceedings and a preview of the murder trial against george hugely. at diggs hearing for u.s. is carry
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stinkbugs around. researchers speculate the rain and precipitation might have knocked the bugs off trees. what about the warm winter weather? we could be in good shape. if the cold snap is on the way. that would lead to another drop in the population. i've seen two of them this year. >> i will call them sneaky. they show up when you least expected. >> they are -- we are taking it for the team. the mild weather continues. there will be a cold shot in
5:47 pm
midweek and the end of the week. 51 at the airport. 50 on the outer banks. it is chillier to the north and west. toperatures in the mid-30's northern michigan. you have to see a colder hint of air. it will change things around. there is. that storm that rolled through on february 5 and 62010. the first of two big storms and the next one is ranked ninth. the two top 10 storms. the all-time record still that presidents' day, president weekend storm in 2003 with almost 27 inches. and some of the colder suburbs. they produced 35 inches of snow.
5:48 pm
springtime in february. 50's along the i-95 corridor. ins elsewhere and 30's oakland. this guy should remain mostly clear. a weather disturbance 18,000 feet will be tracking through around midnight or 1:00 a.m. but there's not much moisture for that system to work with. other than patchy clouds it will be mostly clear. 35 downtown. west winds averaging 5 miles an hour. the sun goes down -- went down at 532 p.m. and up at 708 am under a sunny sky. the northwest winds at 12. rising.temperatures are 43 at the harbor. some snow showers and a light accumulation on wednesday. snow showers track through. the eastern shore we get the 50's tomorrow and cool off wednesday. rain and snow showers on the
5:49 pm
eastern shore wednesday. the same on the lower eastern shore. mid-50's tomorrow. mid-40's with some showers. the clear skies here giving way to this disturbance and in the front dropping out of the great lakes there is coal there behind it. that will be sliding through tomorrow night as an area of low pressure tracks along the front. the combination gives us a chance for some wintry weather. a light coating of snow. mix with some rain south of town and pushing off the coast wednesday night into thursday. if the storm stays on this track and temperatures stay cold enough the northern suburbs could pinch up -- catch up to an inch of snow. the seven-day forecast, and up and down nature. 30's with some light snow wednesday. back to 50 by friday and a chance for snow showers on saturday and sunday.
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the big consumer story of the day. verizon and red sox are joining forces. consumers will be able to choose from didi or blu-ray releases along with down load service and this will be national. setting up to compete with fios. the announcement comes with netflix troubles. they lost customers after splitting the services. do you like girl scout cookies? cash may not be king. some troops are accepting credit cards. there are 32 troops in 23 states taking plastic. they're using portable credit- card scanner is attached to smart phones. you can download the locator app. more proof the way people shop
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is changing. it seems more people are using cell phones to find the best deals. if you research doody show that a quarter of shoppers said they use their smartphone to look up product reviews while in the store using their phones to compare prices at other locations. this puts the power in the consumers' hands. retail stores are losing billions and they are looking for ways to adapt. >> they can reach out to shoppers with their smartphone. they can advise them of special bills -- deals that and not available online. >> here is a few more interesting numbers. of those people use their smart phones in the store's 35% bought the product. 19 press -- 19 decided by online. going green. one of the world's first environmental campaigning ship has docked in fell's point. they aim to raise awareness.
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she is a state of their ship that can outrun conventionally powered ships under sail alone. private tours are also available. >> the national football league is going international. just in time for the 2012 olympic games. they're signing off on a plan to develop overseas fans. we are finding out if it is working. >> in england football is soccer and soccer rules that wembley stadium. the nfl has brought regular- season games to wembley for the last six years. dean harriet attended.
5:53 pm
they will get another chance to figure out the pigskin. they have a deal to return for the next few years. if they have a home game here during the regular season for the next three years. it is part of a decades-long push to broaden american football's fan base. we know the regular season means more and football is becoming a more regular thing at wembley. do not start recruiting. five years after the murder of an anne arundel dentist, a former employee pleaded guilty. she learns her fate in
5:54 pm
annapolis. time to raise the curtain. the midseason series
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x the debut of the new series mash is finally here. the backstage drama about the making of a broadway musical, we do not very -- see very often on television. >> their city has been the setting for more than a share of
5:57 pm
tv cop dramas. "smash" shows off the the big apple's claris side. the spotlight shines on broadway is unit for tv. >> it is a show about us. >> she transitions to tv for a role of a chorus girl. >> it is a mini-adventure. another broadway veteran on the learning curve. >> the pilot's career was like being shot out of a cannon. >> he plays one half of a playwriting deerow and appreciates the show's aim for authenticity. >> all the dancers are dancers. everyone has seen on broadway. >> it is a mix that has
5:58 pm
numerous critics talking. >> nbc has really swung the bat. >> viewers will decided that swing produces a hit. >> that night kicks off at 8:00 p.m. with two hours of "the voice" and "smash". that is all for us at 5 pm >> lo going for jury selection in the george -- huguely trial. >> a former dental assistant plea to guilty in the murder of a dentist who hired her. details of next. >> left, local, late breaking.
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this is wbal tv 11 news at 6:00 p.m. quex something of a media invasion is overtaking charlottesville, va. as corp. proceedings are underway in the trial of george huguely. maxi is facing first-degree murder charges after the 22- year-old graduate a senior was found dead inside her apartment in may 2010. he joins us with lettis. >> day one of the trial began a 9:30 a.m. with george huguely looking queen creek -- clean-cut and in a suit. not much action reported otherwise. jury selection is taking much longer than everyone thought. longer than everyone thought.


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